Monday, April 11, 2011

Tea time at Succulent

When my dahling friends came over, my dear friend Lebo decided to introduce us to this lovely restaurant in Woodlands called Succulent! Just imagine a Mad Hatter's tea party with a childhood-inspired chandelier, inverted and enlarged tea cups on saucers used as lights, upliftingly quaint wallpaper and vintage posters, cookie tins and tea cups. And, of course, I should not forget to mention a mouthwatering array of the yummiest, decadent cakes and tarts that you ever did see - Red Velvet, "Dieter's Nightmare", caramel cheesecake, the works! And I haven't even described half of it.

Let me walk you through this charming little eating place with a few pictures I took. And let me tell you, I looked like such a tourist because I couldn't stop taking pictures. I also managed to steal a few pics from my friend, Naledi. Enjoy :)

The shop

They should definitely be expecting me back very soon!


  1. what a cute place! great style (and now i'm craving avocado...). you've got a great blog going here. don't worry too much about the followers. i "blogged to myself" for a very long time! but at the end of the day we do it because we love it right?

    and thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. i'm really glad you liked the post. see you around the blogosphere :)

    Copper + Lace

  2. Haha, you're right I do love blogging and blog surfing. It's fun and uplifting :)

    And thank you for your comment. It really made my day :)