Thursday, December 1, 2011

Weird Russian dudes that say, "you want to make dance with me?"

Oh, but does Cougar Town fill me up inside! This is what holiday bumming sessions are made of. :)

Lori: I used to love that walk! All the judgemental looks that I got from people made me feel alive! It wasn't a walk of shame, it was a walk of awesome!

What am I supposed to do now, Andy? Meet someone great, get married and have a couple of kids? Blaghh!!

What's the point of life then?

 Andy: That kinda is the point of life..

want cofee?

Get me a largie soy, extra capp, tsssssshhhhhhkk!!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hey, you boy! Meet my hand.

Urgh. Randy boys.

I dey try, oh! (yarn braids attempt) *thumbs up*

I am SO over weaves (until further notice)!! They're hot, they're itchy and when the wind blows, you have to hold your fringe down like you just captured a fugitive. Nat cool! I put mine in last week and by the next day I was already fed up. So on Sunday I took it out and I decided to attempt braiding my whole head by myself for the first time and a few days ago I saw this tutorial on how to do yarn braids. So, I thought, why not give it a try? It looks awesome!

So I did.
And I am loving the result :)

They're a little thin because I was rushing (exam time) and I need to fix my ends but  I love 'em!

Peace, brethren!

Ibilola :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Not gonna argue with that :)



Oh, this has happened too many times..

Out of Focus - This Bird

Tee hee hee! Belly button. x)

Solange Knowles - This Bird
... where the sweet lemonade of McGregor street (sweet lemonade)
was the best damn thing of the summer breeze
your dad drives a foreign car (foreign car)
and your mama looks like a beauty queen ...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Emanuelle, well, well..

So as I'm browsing I happen to stumble apon a wiki fashion article about Vogue Paris fashion editor-in-chief Emanuelle Alt. Her description is very impressive, but as I'm scrolling down to view her photos I can't help but notice she wears basically the same thing. Could this merely be a solid definition of her signature style or, perhaps, the criminal actions of a style repeat offender?

 Ah well, I can't say much because she is, after all, the freaken editor-in-chief of the best selling fashion magazine in the WORLD (for over 100 years). So obviously she's doing a lot right. And I guess we all have a look that we love to love.

I 'int gon' lie, though. I am loving some of these outfits. 
Smart lady.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tres Adorable!

Oh, aren't they just! <3

Tres Adorable | Fashiolista 

  via fashiolista

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Everything Borrowed

Went to Coldplay last night and it was epic. Everything was on point from the lighting, the visuals, the singing (duh) - and the bloody show even had fireworks! Naledi and I even managed to sneak away from our horrible seats at the back of the stadium, past the most un-serious guards - but very kind, nevertheless - and we managed to get front seating. Although this morning when I thought about my outfit I realised that nothing I wore - apart from my jeggings and my pumps - was actually mine. But, really, is that anything new? :)

 I was too broke to afford anything decent to take home from the concert. So I kept my cup.

And I borrowed this lurvley top from my friend Lebo, the bracelet is Naledi's and the jacket is Wabuya's.

Charrrlie Brown!

I want these! Why can't I have these!

myfavouritevintage via :)

French&English -

While browsing through etsy, I managed to stumble upon a particular account called frenchenglish (by Lucie Gonnord) an my oh my, does this woman create the cutest bags..
You have eyes, see for yourself:

I mean, she created them herself!! I wanna do that!

ah la la

Yes please!

Via Etsy