Saturday, April 16, 2011

Katherine Kidd

Man, I am loving Katherine Kidd's current collection. High fashion never ceases to amaze me, because although some collections may sometimes be considered as banal or lacking in character I beg to differ.

This particualr collection is so beautiful in its simplicity alone. The structured tailoring, the neutral tones and the beautiful element of playfulness introduced by the intimate detail of the fabric, stitching and embellishments. How can I not do anything but simply hold such cleverly coy collection close to my heart and hope acquire an occupation that would allow me to afford clothes from such a desirous line as this?

It just looks so effortlessly chic, serious yet playful and somewhat alluring because of its suggestive aura. Because even though the pallette seems aloof and impersonal, the detail makes it seem mellow and warm. The detail! The detail, the detail... Can we ask for more? I could go on... but instead I'll give the keyboard a break and just daydream.


  1. love her collection too.. really chic.. simple yet elegant..

    following your blog now...
    hope you check and follow my blog too.

    stay fabulous and spread love!

  2. Yay! Thanks so much! I will definitely follow you back :) x

  3. five star love * i read it mwa..xX