Monday, February 28, 2011

Clutter Chronicles

It's a wonder I can find anything.
And it's not rocket science why I'm always late.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friends for Sale

So I was browsing through some of my pictures and I came accross this...

Usually people like to post ads on campus when they want to sell books but my friend Tebz thought it would be a good idea to sell me for a measly ten cents. Well, can't really complain. Atleast my selling price is higher than my other friends' haha. .. how lovely.

Lemon Meringue

I keep telling myself to take photos of all the delicious cookery I come across, but alas, I end up eating it before I remember to take a snap shot of it first. I did manage to salvage just enough of my yummy lemon meringue cake (or what's left of it) just before I gobbled the whole thing up.

Ah, yes, the delightful sensation of a happy tummy...

And I must say, it was heavenly! <3

French Frosting: Olsen in Orange

French Frosting: Olsen in Orange

How joyful, how vibrant!

French Frosting: Bows on Heels

French Frosting: Bows on Heels: "Tastier than dessert. ffffound"

I saw these on a new blog I am following. How lovely :)

Oh, if I were a shoe-maker...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"A sunset in melbourne" by Lisa Zhang on

"A sunset in melbourne" by Lisa Zhang on "After dinner, just catching the sunset, spending it with the boyfriend!

more photos on my blog!"

If there's one thing I used to hate but now am absolutely smitten about, it's wedges! I am going to start collecting them. But until then, these are currently the love of my life. <3 Oh my gosh, they are just so darling!

"Hearts and Sequins" by Keiko Lynn on

"Hearts and Sequins" by Keiko Lynn on "Enter to win a pair of jeans for you and your significant other! Bobby and I will be picking three winners:

And get 25% off our favorite Hudson jeans!"

Apart from the fact that I was already won by her red lipstick, I am absolutely loving the floral tights just peeping out of the skinny jean as opposed to the usual way such tights are worn with skirts or dresses. I love it! It is definitely a look I am keen on trying in the near future :)

And are the studs on her pumps actually hearts? Uhh... Where can I find a pair?!

"Golden" by Kate G on

"Golden" by Kate G on "i wore this on valentines day! It was neither valentines-y nor dinner appropriate (possibly) but I certainly felt very shiny"

Now I'm not sure about the dress on its own, don't get me wrong, I love the vintage detail and gold against the black and I think it's beautiful, but I fear the skirt combined with the waist-coat effect may be a tad too much, no? Which is why I absolutely love the fact that she paired her outfit with a black trench coat, which I think makes the outfit more exciting because it leaves a mere suggestion of something beautiful underneath, which is all you need, really.

Let's just call it Fab.

It's been a hella long time since I've been on the web doing what I love, which is bumming on the couch and viewing various fashion and lifestyle sites. One of many which I have neglected is the glorious blog The Frock Report. It's a South African site that observes and reports the fabulous fashion goings-on in South Africa and sometimes across South African borders.

Along with the The Frock Report is the glorious (and perhaps obvious) that makes me extremely envious of some of the fashionistas sporting various gorgeous outfits (and some pieces which have almost, on some occasions, reduced me to tears).

Ah, yes..

Rookie Moment.

Well, hello there :)

I am currently struggling with the concept of disclosing a biographical introduction about myself because I feel the rest will unravel itself later on. Buuut I will begin this joyful salutation by simply saying that I will be blogging about fashion, food and all the other considerably banal tidbits I may find blog-worthy, so. .. have a cuppa tea with me, sit back (or dance, or whatever) and enjoy :)

Yours ever-so-faithfully
Ibi <3