Monday, September 12, 2011

Fabric Tea Party - Never gets old

Well, I dont know about the Northern Hemisphere but here in the Southern Hemisphere we have just been kissed by Spring. Usually around this time of the year - and at the summit of pretty much every season - I think about all the people in the fashion industry scuttling around trying to find the 'next trend' for the season. And even though Spring is not my most favoured season, at the summit of every Spring (well, since I feasted my eyes on such loveliness) what never fails to filter through the hustle and bustle of my scrambled brain are the clothes that spring out of Ituen Basi's collections. And even though most of these looks aren't new, they still communicate the same message that 'makes me dey go gaga' every time. Strong, loud, colourful, upbeat, warm, African.

Here are some of my favourites from her collection:

Similar to the style and inspiration of this line is another line by a brand named Boxing Kitten by designer Maya Amina Lake makes use of wax block prints on fabric to make looks that are cheerful and playful.



... Yeah yeah, now I know that 'tribal prints' has already made its debut into the fashion scene, and as we all know fashion has its tendencies of spitting what's in out, but I still feel that in ten years, no one can tell me wax-block prints are "so last season" cause, well... who cares?

Over 'n out ;)