Friday, October 28, 2011

Emanuelle, well, well..

So as I'm browsing I happen to stumble apon a wiki fashion article about Vogue Paris fashion editor-in-chief Emanuelle Alt. Her description is very impressive, but as I'm scrolling down to view her photos I can't help but notice she wears basically the same thing. Could this merely be a solid definition of her signature style or, perhaps, the criminal actions of a style repeat offender?

 Ah well, I can't say much because she is, after all, the freaken editor-in-chief of the best selling fashion magazine in the WORLD (for over 100 years). So obviously she's doing a lot right. And I guess we all have a look that we love to love.

I 'int gon' lie, though. I am loving some of these outfits. 
Smart lady.