Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yes, I'd love them all!

I have decided! I am going to eat my way through the menus of all the restaurants that serve all the decadent delights that I love to sink my teeth into.

I can not even begin to outline how many times I've looked through a menu and never been able to decide whattheheck I want. It always takes me forever to decide because it all looks SO GOOD, so SCRUMPTIOUS! So I will never take forever anymore because I decided I'll just come back to tick off the next heavenly platter.

 Chicken and bacon baguette from Nino's - I substituted the mayo with Mexican sauce. Oh yes.

 Chicken and cream-cheese wrap from Deli on Duncan - excuse the bite-marks. I am weak and I forget. ;)

Chocolate croissant from Deli on Duncan. Unfortunately this is not mine. My friend Tracy bought this one. I had some, though and it was de-lish!

 Chocolate-chip muffin from Deli on Duncan. This one's not mine either. It was Tebz'. But, it has to be THE most amazing muffin I've had so far. It literally felt like I was eating a cookie and a muffin at the same time.

And, of course, lemon meringue - Deli on Duncan. It has so much flavour, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Why have I never thought of this before?!

... Weeell, actually, I have. Just in passing thought, but I never fulfill my wishes for fear of wasting my money on disasters. But this time I'm making myself go through with my plans. I will add this to my list of goals for the year. And perhaps it will seep into the rest of my life. :)

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